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Silver Lake Time Bank Resource Scout Reports

These reports are compiled by the Silver Lake Time Bank Resource Scout (currently Teresa 'Tacy' Padua of the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic) and are posted here as a public service. Please keep checking back for updates!

JULY, 2013

AtwaterMovie Night Under the Stars

Threads of Connection: A Story about a Time Bank Exchange

Silver Lake Time Bank member Sandy is a clothing designer, who offers custom fitting and sewing as a service to members of the time bank network. Altadena Time Bank member Dianne found Sandy’s offer in the online database and called her about making a quilt as a wedding present for Dianne’s daughter. “I imagined something simple, something 5 by 5 with right angles,” Sandy remembers.

Community Qigong Sessions (Ancient Chinese Health Practice) Every Saturday



Qigong is one of the four pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with Acupuncture, Massage, and Herbal Remedies. One example of the many ways “Qigong” is translated is “Life Force (Qi) Cultivation.” In the practice of Qigong, our bodies become finely-tuned conduits of bioenergetic resources that surround us and that are ...within us. We experience improved health and sense of well-being.

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